Self-Finishing Tutorial




1) Recount your stitched rows. On 18 mesh, you stitch 40 rows by 40 rows.

2) Trim canvas to 2 rows around your design.

3) Dry fit. Due to the handcrafted nature of the cozy, there may be variance and you may want to trim an additional row from the edge of your finished needlepoint. In the example photos, they are all trimmed to 1 row (but it's best to trim too little than too much at first). 

  •  If needed (based on the dry fit),cut one additional row of canvas.

5) Remove one 3M square and peel off brown paper side. A needle can be helpful in getting it started. Center and attach directly to the back of your needlepoint.

6) Remove white paper backing and center your needlepoint in the can cozy wool square. Firmly press down starting in the middle and working your way around the edges. Avoid having tape touch the edges, and use your fingers or a blunt edged tool to work around the corners. If any adhesive touches the leather and makes a mark, they can be rubbed out (so don't worry!). 

7) To secure the edges, either cut a small strip of the other 3M adhesive square to place underneath, or use a small amount of glue (like E6000 on a toothpick) and press flat under a heavy book for at least one hour.

8) Bask in the glory of your finished work, pop a can in and enjoy! 

Tips from customers:

-Glue seems to be easier to work with than cutting adhesive
-Use your cozy without needlepoint at first in order to naturally stretch the leather, and make it easier to finish
-Spraying your needlepoint with Scotch-Guard before you finish will help protect

*Feel free to start using your cozy without needlepoint in order to naturally stretch the leather and make it easier to finish*