About Evergreen

Evergreen Needlepoint is a small business comprised of three creative women- Anna, her sister Molly, and their mother Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth, an exceptional life long stitcher, and Molly took a painting class in 2016 from a true master of needlepoint design and technique, JP Sligh of Labors of Love in Atlanta, GA. Molly enjoyed it so much she began working with JP as a part-time painter for his line and even designed some of her own pieces. A few years later, Anna started painting her own canvases and was lucky to have the experience and wisdom of her mom and sister!  

Anna is the owner and lead designer, and runs the day to day operations of Evergreen. Molly lends her artistic eye and training on the design process while Elizabeth consults on all things needlepoint with her invaluable expertise. 

When deciding what to call our company, Evergreen seemed like the perfect term to represent what needlepoint means to us. From 1500BC to today- it's always relevant, fresh, and there when you need it!